“God Have Mercy On The Man Who Doubts What He Is Sure Of” – Bruce Springsteen, Brilliant Disguise


Is the sky falling? If you listen to all those who are talking doom and gloom, you would think so. I’m not in their camp and neither should you.

While I like to believe I have a strong dose of reality in me, at heart I’m a born optimist. I think that is an absolute quality one has to have if we are in marketing communications. And if there is one thing I am sure of it is in the future of this country to continue to lead the world. How can I be so certain? Every time I use my iPad, or Android phone, or listen to music, or see a movie—you get the idea—I’m sure. We remain the most creative nation on earth and in the end it is that quality which will get our economy (and the world’s) moving again. I know it.

So while the doomsayers are all around us. Be confident, be strong, be resolute, and above all be creative. Dismiss those who talk of doom and gloom and focus on those who see the future in a bright and positive way. There is so much to give thanks for, chief among those is that we live in a country that values creativity and content.