Why I Became A Principal and CEO Of A Social Media Agency

First the news: Yes, in addition to my role as CEO of Middleberg Communications I have become a Principal and the CEO of Laundry Service, a social media agency. Why? Because I am absolutely convinced that Public Relations is now inexorably linked to social media and content creation. I have felt this way only once before and that was about the Internet. I now feel the same sense of excitement and urgency, and with the same conviction.
Roughly twenty years ago I told everyone and anyone that PR programs had to include Internet based communications. I totally dedicated my PR agency in that direction. It turned out to be the absolutely right move for our clients and for my agency. Today I feel the exact same way about Social Media. It is no longer good enough to simply help place client news in print and broadcast media. Communications now must encompass the tools of social media—to create exciting content covering video, infographics, games, blogs and mobile apps. All managed within the social media platforms that allow marketers and companies to reach and motivate their constituencies in new and exciting ways.
So we are in a new age of communications. One in which PR and Social Media must now be part of all communications programs. While many Advertising and PR agencies say they have a Social Media capability, it is usually not a core competency. That is why Laundry Service is an independent agency 100% dedicated to Social Media. Few firms in the nation have the chops to do both Public Relations and Social Media really well and even fewer have the strategic skill and experience to create fully integrated communications programs the way we can.

Together, Middleberg Communications and Laundry Service provide clients communications programming offering the very best of social media, public relations and interactive services to help companies build their brands and grow their business.

I hope you can sense my excitement. I am totally juiced and so look forward to where social media will take us all.