Male Grey Matter and Anthony Weiner


What is it with us guys? Does too much testosterone destroy grey matter? The behavior of some well known male personalities—one Anthony Weiner being but the latest example—in politics, sports, and business is truly offensive. We all know about their lack of morals which is offensive enough, but Mr. Anthony Weiner struck a new blow for male stupidity.

The problem that all of these jokers have is in the cover-up. What they don’t get, ever, is that they can’t talk their way out of being guilty. It may have worked with their mothers, but it doesn’t work with the media, the legal system, or the public, all of whom these guys insult by considering them stupider than they are. The yo-yos go on 60 Minutes, hold press conferences, issue statements— all claiming their innocence. Then they get caught in the big lie(s) and everyone thinks it is because they got poor PR advice.

Here’s the trick guys: if you are guilty, fess up. Immediately. Take your punishment and move on. You can have a PR All-Star Team behind you, it won’t matter. You can’t be saved if you’ve done wrong. So my fellow brethren, wise up. If you are innocent, fight like hell. If you are guilty, say so and then run for the hills. Take a long vacation in Botswana or Mongolia. Move to Peru. Do whatever you have to do, but for goodness sake, don’t try to talk your way out of it.

There, you now have my crises advice which you are welcome to pass along to the next idiot, free of charge. It won’t matter because the truly dumb among us just can’t learn.