Michael Vick–Another PR Nightmare

The second toughest job in PR right now has to be representing Michael Vick (the toughest client in the world being, without question, Bernie Madoff). As for Michael, does anyone buy into his 60 Minutes bit Sunday night? “I didn’t show enough leadership.” Leadership, give me a break. This idiot didn’t show enough brains or compassion. This wasn’t a case of a simple mistake. This was something that went on for years….and it was horrific. I didn’t believe he showed real contrition at the end of the interview either. They were like empty words spoken by a man trying to make a living because he is deeply in debt.

I never understood why someone subjects themselves to 60 Minute interviews in the first place. Maybe he’ll win over a few people who believe everyone deserves a second chance—oh btw, does that also include murderers and pedophiles? What Michael Vick needs to do now, and for the rest of his life, is lead a Boy Scout life. He’ll only win people over by his actions over time. Not by his words on 60 Minutes. Enough of MV, I’ve got better things to do.