Pictures Are Worth a Thousand Words

Virtually every day it seems a new study comes out extolling the value of multimedia. The latest “Daily Dog” from Bulldog covered the following:

  1. Matter Communications released a survey of marketing professionals confirming the effectiveness of such visual tools as videos and infographics as key to increased engagement
  2. PR Newswire’s latest study shows that press releases containing multimedia attract nearly 10x more visibility
  3. Group Commerce released an e-commerce study that showed how media companies attract a far larger audience when employing multimedia


My question is: why is anyone surprised? Growing up in PR 30 years ago I was always taught that readers view a newspaper or magazine story in the following sequence:

  1. They first look at the photos
  2. Next they go to the headline
  3. Finally they read the story

So all those old sayings turned out to be true—especially the one that says….“a picture is worth a thousand words.”

Posting anything on Facebook without a photo is worthless. Same is true of Pinterest. Twitter and Instagram are fighting like cats and dogs over use of photo sharing, so much that Twitter launched a native photo filtering product today.

So for those of us in communications, use of compelling visuals are critical. To do less, borders on incompetence.