Social Media in Today’s B2B World

Social Media is changing seemingly on a daily basis. So some quick thoughts to get across at the start of the new year.

  1. The Importance of Paid Media—Social Media is all about Earned, Owned and Paid media. Thanks to algorithm changes on places like Facebook, LinkedIn and even Twitter, it is very difficult to reach target audiences without a strong targeted paid component.  I am not referring to million dollar campaigns featuring banner ads, but far less expensive “Native Advertising” in the newsfeed sections of Social Media platforms.
  2. Content Is Still King, But It’s Changed—Quantity alone is no longer enough. High quality content (videos, photos, Vines and infographics) really count because they encourage social engagement. Telling your story is fresh, creative and compelling ways is now paramount.
  3. An Explosion of Social Tools—Traditional media reports don’t cut it anymore. Real-time social data and social ROI is in demand. Monitoring, analytics, collaboration and big data all must come into play to understand how social media is impacting your target audiences.
  4. Case Study—General Electric is doing a superlative job in the b2b space. Just Google GE to find out how and why
  5. Complexity Increases—It is increasingly difficult to stay on top of fast changing trends and developments in this space. To those in the know, the benefits to their company and to themselves professionally are enormous.