The 9/11 Memorial- It took while but wow, did they ever get it right.

911 Memorial

It has been a long time since I’ve truly been impressed, but the 9/11 Memorial, which I visited last weekend, blew me away. Steve Jobs would be proud of the job they did. It is absolutely perfect in its design and tone.

In fact, the whole experience is one of the best in New York. First off, it is easy to visit. Free tickets are available just by going to their website ( While signage in the Wall Street area is not great, it is not hard to eventually find where to go. Once there, the people working for the Memorial, including security, couldn’t be nicer. Very laid back, very happy in their job.

The site itself is a stunner. By now you probably know that there are two enormous pools, each in the exact footprint of the towers. The depth is seemingly identical to the width and the result is something spectacularly beautiful and serene. And then there are the names. Painstakingly etched in the area surrounding each pool. There are even maps to help you identify where a particular person’s name could be found. The reflecting pools are within a beautifully designed Park that provides the ideal sense of tranquility the Memorial needs.

My congratulations to all who helped design, finance and build the Memorial. It is worthy of the people they memorialize.