The Eagles Flying High

A few weeks ago I told 20 CEOs, who belong to my networking group, C2C, that The Eagles were my favorite band….of all time.  Well, you would have thought the world was coming to an end based on the reaction I received. “WHAT!?” They practically screamed at me. “Better than the Stones, or the Beatles, or _____(fill in the blank)? Are you completely crazy?!” 

Saturday night, I had the great pleasure of catching The Eagles concert at a jam-packed Madison Square Garden. If I ever had any doubt, they were removed five minutes after the start of the show. Don Henley has one of the greatest rock voices of all time. And Glen Frey was in super form. But what I had forgotten most was just how great guitarist and vocalist Joe Walsh is. More than ever he gives the band rock and roll soul.

Hotel CaliforniaDesperadoTake it EasyHeartache TonightAlready Gone—these are some of the greatest songs ever recorded. And if you ever needed to understand their place in rock and roll history fathom this—their album, The Eagles Greatest Hits, 1971-1975 is the third best selling album of all time. Only exceeded by Pink Floyd’s, The Dark Side of the Moon, and #1, Michael Jackson’s Thriller. I rest my case.