The Royal Wedding

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This may be the most fabulous PR event I have ever seen. First, it is so nice to witness a happy occasion. Secondly, who wouldn’t want to visit the U.K. now? The color, the pageantry, this has it all. My understanding is that this may be the most watched event in TV history, or at least come close. To put a dollar amount on what this means to Great Britain is impossible.The same could be said for the millinery industry. Have you ever seen more fabulous hats anywhere? I love them.

And how spectacular is the princess? While he seems a bit of a dullard, she has it all– brains, beauty and style. In my opinion, she will have the same impact on the U.K. as Jackie Kennedy did in the U.S.

Plus, this will put to bed the whole question of whether the monarchy should continue. People wouldn’t have it any other way.