A Top Deal of 2009

We’re #5! According to PRNewser, the Middleberg/Dowd deal ranked #5 among all deals done in 2009. While it is nice to be recognized, what needs to be noted is that this is a case of two healthy agencies joining forces to become even stronger. I just don’t understand why more firms haven’t done the same. Now Middleberg Communications adds to its internet lifestyle and financial services capabilities, tremendous skill sets in consumer brand building. In particular, Dowd ranks among the top broadcast and media shops. They bring real expertise in broadcast placements, print placements and social media. They are young, smart and totally enthusiastic about what they do. With a total of 20 people, our scale now moves us into the mid-size agency rankings. More importantly, we have more and better ways to serve our clients. This is a great deal where everyone benefits.