Apps are the New Internet


I remember clearly when the Internet first burst on the scene in the early-mid ‘90s. Few people knew much about it but everyone thought they absolutely needed to be Internet savvy and incorporate the Web into their communications programs. The same now is true of apps. The world is going mobile, and apps are leading the way. They are the next mass market medium of communication.

Apps are a great branding device. But to be successful, they must have great utility. Interestingly, only 15% of apps are considered winners, meaning their usage exceeds 60 days. The vast majority get looked at, maybe downloaded, and even launched. But after using the app one or two times, they are discarded. The most popular apps are those that involve security, file sharing, entertainment, games and social interaction. If you really want to see apps that work, take a look at Virgin Atlantic.

So the world continues to move at lightning speed. Something that was in its infancy just a few years ago now is becoming mainstream. (There are 600,000 apps out there.) It’s up to everyone who wants to keep up, to buy the best and most relevant apps, master them, and use them on a daily basis. Mobile and apps are the future of communications, and those of us in PR can’t afford not to “get it.”