Could the Beatles Succeed Today?

It first hit me watching Black Eyed Peas Super bowl halftime show. It continued watching the Grammy’s, particularly Lady Gaga’s performance. Now don’t get me wrong, I love them both. Their music is terrific, but their showmanship sometimes eclipses their raw musical talent. Costumes, lighting, choreography—you name it, they have it all.

So it got me wondering whether a group like the Beatles could make it in the business today. You can argue that the Beatles were the showmen of their day, but their music—the innovation, songwriting skill, and live talent—was always their main attraction. To compare them to today’s groups is absurd….They’re completely different. Is there really a place in today’s music world for a group like the Beatles to emerge?

So I was feeling a bit down, and then I heard Muse (I know, where the heck have I been?). Wow. My whole attitude changed. Great songs and great performers prevail. I also really like Arcade Fire and Lady Antebellum, and I thought they totally deserved their awards. Bruno Mars is another favorite. So, it seems to me that the music industry is in great hands.

Btw, is there any doubt that the Grammy’s are, far and away, the best awards show on TV?