Baruch College, an Emerging Marketing/Communications School Bears Watching

Last week I had the pleasure of participating on a lively panel covering Digital PR. Hosted by Dave Armon (former head of PR Newswire) with fellow panelists Jeff Gluck of IBM, Peter Himler and Bill Southard (both head their own PR firms), the discussion was spirited and educational.


What really impressed me, though, was the quality of the audience. Over 100 strong came with different backgrounds, different skill sets, and different experience levels—from student to 30-year vets. The whole thing was put together by Michael Lissauer (former Ex VP of Business Wire and now an Associate Professor). Mike knows what he is doing when it comes to putting on events. It absolutely delights me to say that this school is going places.


As a graduate of the City University system a long time ago (Lehman College), I can tell you it was an unbelievable education for nearly zero cost. It was called “the poor man’s Harvard” in those days. While CUNY didn’t have Harvard’s reputations, some phenomenal students came out of that school system, students who today are among the leading lights in law, accounting, financial services, communications….you name it. I wish Michael and the entire faculty all good luck. Go for the best and you shall reap the rewards.