Digital PR Event

Thanks to our strong speakers and engaged participants, our annual event hosted this year on Tuesday, Sept. 22 was a smash hit!


The overarching theme emphasized the importance of social media in how we better serve our clients. Simply put, social media is a critical part of media communications today. To ignore it as a way to communicate with journalists borders on communications incompetence. We’ve learned this and more.


Among the 30-some professionals in attendance were current and former clients, venture capitalists, corporate communications executives and journalists. They heard some of the richest and smart presentations I’ve experienced.


Guest speaker Jen McClure, founder and president of The Society for New Communications Research (SNCR) revealed some preliminary research finding from the latest Middleberg/SNCR journalists survey and everything pointed to the growth of social media as a journalists communications tool. Meanwhile, Shel Holz, communications speaker and consultant extraordinaire spoke on trends and developments in digital PR. Then Adam Glazer, CEO of his own shop focusing on SEO and SEM work spoke on social media in a crises involving Ford Motors.


Finally, we heard from journalists Karen Bannan and Lance Ulanoff (editor-in-chief of PC about how they use social media in the performance of their work.  


Over the next few days, we will be posting some of the presentations on our Web site. Stay tuned!