Long Overdue, My PR Blog

Long Overdue, My PR Blog—After being an avid reader of several blogs including: A Shel of My Former Self,“ Proactive, and PRNewser. I decided I would take the plunge and pen my own blog to add a different and, hopefully, a fresh voice into the communications mix. My goal– to be anything but boring. To inform for sure, but also to rant and rave about the lunacy I see in the world of communications. I’ve been on the PR agency side my entire career, some 30+ years, and the longer I stay involved the crazier the world seems to become. I mean, c’mon let’s be honest here….there is so much to rant and rave about.

When I started out in this business most people didn’t know what PR was. “Oh, you must do advertising”, they would respond. No a-hole, I don’t. I try to inform, motivate and persuade opinions and perceptions, among other things. Today thankfully, Public Relations is at the very heart of the business world. To operate on the public stage some CEO’s are learning that what they say, and how they say it, matters. But far too many other CEO’s listen only to the lawyers and not their communications experts. And what happens? All too often they find themselves in a worse mess and then call in the communications pros when it is too late. PR deserves to be treated with the same respect as law, finance and other management disciplines. I’m here to yell from every rooftop to help make that happen.