My Keynote Address, In Tel Aviv?

Getting ready to go to Tel Aviv this coming Thursday. On Sunday, March 29th, I’ll be giving a keynote address to 500-600 of the smartest techies and tech communicators in Israel at The Marker’s COM.vention (the largest technology conference in the country). For those of you who don’t know, TheMarker is one of the hottest magazines in Israel. My topic: Winning Communications in a Digital World. Subhead: “How To Build Your Brand and Increase Market Share in a New World With New Rules.“


I’ll be talking about subjects near and dear to my heart—how blogs, social media, video, and everything new, cool and impactful in communications can make a real difference to any company’s growth and development. Most especially, I’ll review the key points raised in a journalist survey completed last Fall I co-authored with The Society for New Communications Research (SNCR, for short). To take a look at the survey please go to I’ll also be posting my presentation on my site come 3/29.