Middleberg Communications: Mid-Year Update

“Awake, my little one! Before life’s liquor in its cup be dry.”

-The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam


I’m a huge believer in the power of a positive attitude. I’ve seen it work for countless people, including yours truly. As someone who has lived through wars, economic crises, and idiot politicians everywhere, I know that history repeats itself, and it is doing so now. What with the BP disaster in the gulf, the European financial mess, the ongoing Afghan war, and the day-to-day problems we all face, the grind can be pretty rough. It can get to anyone.


At times like these it is important to think of the big picture. We can mope around and just try to get through the day, or we can find the beauty the world offers and use that power to energize ourselves to accomplish more than we ever thought possible.


For me, all I have to do is look into the eyes of my 2 ½ year-old grandson, or see the smile on the face of my newly engaged daughter, or interview a bright, wide-eyed college grad so full of hope, to remind myself life is a beautiful, precious gift.


So at our firm, we try to make something positive happen every day—not just for our clients, but also for ourselves. A healthy body and a clear mind combined with a sense of purpose, and, voila, the world is ours.


Thanks to this sense of purpose and positive attitude, we are happy to share that Middleberg Communications has had a good first half of 2010. 


Some highlights:


  1. Business is growing – not by leaps and bounds, but steadily upwards. While Wall Street muddles along, we definitely see a pick-up in activity both among current clients and also in new business.
  • Growth in mobile/digital—Weather.com, Edivvy.com, Getjar.com, and Fantourage.com
  • Continued growth in financial services—Lazard Asset Management, Emerging Global Advisors, Far East Strategies
  • An emerging Real Estate focus—Prudential Douglas Elliman, Trulia.com, 580 5th Avenue

  1. The emergence of social media – This area has exploded. For many of our clients, we are now devoting 50% of our time or more to this area. For other clients, we have a totally separate program, with a separate fee structure. To meet client needs, we have formed a dedicated social media group under the direction of Ed Cunning, a very bright, dedicated guy who is totally immersed in this space.

  1. We moved – On Feb 1st we moved into 6600 square feet of spanking new office space on Madison and 42nd. It’s bright, open and fits our needs perfectly.

  1. Two agencies are now one –Last November we merged with The Dowd Agency and it has worked out beautifully for everyone. Together we have grown the business to where we now have 20 staffers and are approaching $4 million in revenue, putting us into the mid-size agency category.


I hope everyone had a superb July 4th weekend. Despite economic and environmental issues, I feel positive for the second half of the year. I look forward to speaking to you or seeing you again soon.