The Myth of College Kids Today

There exists this great myth about college kids today…. “The kids coming out of school today don’t measure up. They can’t write, and they can’t communicate. They are just not as sharp as the kids who came out of school when I went to college.” From my experience, I can tell you categorically that this is utter nonsense.


At our shop we have had the pleasure of working this summer with two spectacular college-aged interns—Melissa Zabell from Penn State and Alexis Murphy from Marist. They are bright, charming, eager, and best of all….really really good at public relations. While we have had them only for only eight weeks, their growth has been a joy to see.


Or take Alyson Marks who came to us after her graduation from Michigan. Aly started as a paid intern a few months ago and set a record for moving up into a full-time account coordinator spot. Then there is Joey Skladany, who has a year of PR experience after graduating from Northwestern. He’s doing some fantastic work with the media, and at such a tender age. They are all amazing. I am also on the Advisory Board for the Communications School at FIT, and my experience with FIT’s students has been the same, just terrific.  


Most important to me is that these kids have that special “fire in the belly.” They are motivated as much as any generation I have dealt with, including my own. So for those of us in public relations, the future looks bright. The next generation is ready to pick up where we leave off, and potentially, leave us in the dust. I couldn’t be more delighted.