Takeaways from NYC’s Entrepreneur Week

Attended an Entrepreneur Weekevent in NYC Tuesday. While it is not quite like the late 90s, I must say there is an entrepreneurial buzz building once again, and I’m excited. I understand from Middleberg Communications’ own Cindy Carrasquilla (she handled communications for the event) that Monday was completely full. At Tuesday’s events virtually 90% of the seats were taken. The questions were all about raising startup capital for new ventures. The audience was quite young, except for the VCs and people like me in the room.



If the administration ever wanted evidence that the economy has turned, they should attend this event. More importantly, they should take steps to make these businesses succeed. Fully 95%, or all new job creation in the past 20 years, has come from small businesses. We need these folks to be successful. That means not only a vibrant economy, but tax incentives, an intelligent immigration policy, and increased availability of credit.