WikiLeaks and Middleberg Communications

I’m all for transparency in communications, but WikiLeaks is taking things way too far. They’ve already weakened our national security with their recent outing of diplomatic cables. And, while at first glance, it might seem like tampering with foreign policy would be hard to top, I can’t help thinking that the precedent WikiLeaks has set is its most dangerous function of all.

The best way to understand the danger is to personalize the issue. WikiLeaks has already attacked Bank of America, so what happens if some bright, enterprising, anti-business student decides to follow suit by creating a WikiLeaks-type website aimed at business? Or more specifically, at public relations agencies? Or even more specifically, at Middleberg Communications?

The potential impact on our staff, clients, and contacts is chilling. Not only could they reveal strategic client communications plans; they could also broadcast the confidential comments we make about the people we deal with throughout the business day. With clients furious over leaked strategies and employees at each other’s throats over bathroom gossip, it would suddenly be impossible to conduct business.

I never thought I would say this but I truly sympathize with the U.S. Government. The bottom line: what WikiLeaks is doing is not only wrong; it is dangerous and must be stopped.