Rex Ryan, Brandmeister

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Rex Ryan has created the best personal brand since Muhammad Ali. That’s a big statement for a big man (albeit a little less big since the band surgery), but it’s true. While one can argue about his statements, the fact is that, at least prior to the Steelers game this Sunday, he is the golden boy of New York. Why? Because New Yorkers love a big, brash personality. More importantly, he is a winner.

Right now, Rex could endorse a line of sweater vests, band surgeons, restaurants, or virtually anything, and I guarantee you those brands would experience a major surge in sales. Selling is all about awareness, recognition, positioning, and credibility. Rex has it all. And he’s done it without trying. Now there’s a secret sauce for you: saying what you honestly believe no matter how outrageous and then backing it up. It’s a practice that leads to the kind of credibility marketers dream of.

Can Rex keep it up? Well, he needs to keep winning, and he needs to stay unaffected by all the attention he is receiving. A tall order for anyone. But if he can do both, he will own this town for years to come.

New Picture (96)