Back from Tel Aviv

Just came back from Israel totally energized after speaking to 400 of the coolest, hippest dudes in Israeli technology about Digital PR. The Conference was put on by The Marker. If you can believe it, circulation for their print publication–both magazine and newspaper–is up 40%. That’s amazing and so counterintuitive given what is going on in the print world in the U.S. Overall, there were 2200 attendees world-wide who came to Tel Aviv.  The buzz was so strong it reminded me of San Francisco in the late 90’s and early 2000. While the country is feeling the global recession it has not dampened the enthusiasm of the tech community in Israel. These warm, gregarious people are optimistic, enthusiastic, and fun to be around. The harbor and beach areas in Tel Aviv are undergoing significant upgrades. They’re gorgeous. The city has a variety of different neighborhoods each with their own vibe. All together, it makes for an eclectic, exciting mix that’s hard to resist. After visiting the country for the second time and loving it more, my fondest wish is that some form of real peace can be achieved with their Arab neighbors. This is a country that deserves to be on everyone’s must see list, regardless of religious affiliation. I can’t wait to go back.